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Urgent Pet Care of Savannah is now open!

We are now open providing after-hours and weekend veterinary emergency care to Savannah and the surrounding areas.¬† We are a full service veterinary emergency hospital and offer comprehensive medical exams, digital X-ray, ultrasound, in-house bloodwork and urinalysis, surgical and medical treatments, out-patient care, end-of life care, medical boarding/hospitalization.¬† Our experienced team is excited to help […]

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Dog Bite Wounds: When to Seek Veterinary Care and What to Expect

Why are dog bite wounds so bad? Dog bite wounds can be very serious because the bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause infection. Additionally, the force of a dog’s bite can cause significant tissue damage, resulting in a larger wound that can take longer to heal. The risk of infection increases if the wound […]

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Uncovering Common Allergic Reactions in Dogs: What You Need to Know

What are the most common allergic reactions in dogs?  Allergic reactions in dogs can be caused by a variety of things such as food allergies, flea allergies, environmental allergies, and contact allergies. Some of the more common signs of allergies in dogs include itching, redness, swelling, hair loss, secondary skin infections, and coughing. If you […]

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